Fresh, Fast-Food without the wait!

We believe you shouldn’t have to question what you eat while On-The-Go! SuperFresh is your real food solution available at the speed of life. We provide wellness to go & FAST!

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Real. Food. Fast.

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Order from Anywhere

Grab Fresh & Fast express food items or in a SuperFresh Bundle with easy ordering here, by phone, or at our Kiosk.

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Customizable Bundles

Grab from a variety of fresh flavors to create a Bundle that meets your unique dietary needs.

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Chef Prepared

Every menu flavor is developed & prepared by a well-balanced SuperFresh team lead by a professionally trained chef.

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Easy Pick Up

Your customized, professionally prepared order will be ready and waiting for pick up at one of our convenient SuperFresh locations.

SuperFresh Team

Super Fresh Jeremy
Jeremy Roth


“Fresh. Real. Tasty real whole food that is Fresh. Food. Fast is the new definition of the fast food industry to allow SuperFresh to become an extension of the home for generations to come!

Super Fresh Katie
Katie Roth

Founder/Wellness Coach

“My passion is to show how SuperFresh can fit into our every day life, through fitness & health coaching”

Susan Roth

Founder/Kitchen Manager

“My passion is seeing SuperFresh grow from where we started, SuperFresh is already more than special!”